Super pave Asphalt Lab & Field Equipment


IPC GLOBAL Controls Group

The advanced pavements testing division of CONTROLS GROUP. Reliable performance based testing of asphalt and bitumen are key factors for optimal design and construction of durable roads; A complete one-stop range of advanced static and dynamic bitumen/asphalt/pavement testing systems; Highest quality and ...

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Cooper Technology | Leader in Materials Testing Equipment

Cooper Technology is the No.1 British Company and a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance materials testing equipment.

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Sweco Danmark A/S

Falling Weight Deflectometers from Sweco Pavement Consultants (PMC) are developed by pavement experts and are based on more than 50 years of experience. Our reliable and accurate equipment allows pavement engineers worldwide to measure road and airport pavements with state-of-the-art quality equipment and to get reliable data to form the basis of their work with designing new structures and calculating maintenance solutions. In this way, decision-makers are sure to have the best possible platform to keep pavements safe and well maintained for the traffic using them.


The solution for data collection on roads


The solution for data collection on larger roads, airports, harbours, industrial floors

PRIMAX 3500 Super HWD:

The solution for data collection on airports, harbours, industrial floors - pavements subjected to very high loads.


The solution for data collection of unbound pavements, quality control of soil, excavated material, excavations and rehabilition of roads, structres for rail road tracks, etc.


Our FWD equipment is modular in design and easily upgradable from e.g. PRIMAX 1500 to HWD or SHWD and complies with the highst standards in the market.

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